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  • The segments are attached to the core by brazing with silver solder;
  • High-quality Diamond Segments are made from High-grade Diamonds by Special and Advanced Techniques;
  • Segments for diameter 500mm to 2700mm blades;
  • Specifications are standard to obtain maximum cutting;
  • High cutting efficiency and long life;
  • Segments can be produced for single blade, multi-blade;
  • For cutting granite, marble and other stones.
  • Our diamond segments for large circular saw blades are manufactured in sandwich design. Our aim is to obtain a good cooling and easy flush away the chipping. Diamonds and bond in the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.

    Product List:

    500MM SEGMENTS40 x 4.2 x 10MM36PCS/set
    500MM SEGMENTS40 x 4.2 x 12MM36PCS/set
    600MM 10MM SEGMENTS40 X 4.8 X 10MM42PCS/set
    600MM 12MM SEGMENTS40 X 5 X 12MM42PCS/set
    700MM SEGMENTS40 X 6 X 10MM42PCS/set
    800MM 10MM SEGMENTS40 X 6 X 10MM46PCS/set
    800MM 12MM SEGMENTS40 X 6 X 12MM46PCS/set
    1000MM 15MM SEGMENTS24X 7.0 / 6.4 X15MM70PCS/set
    1200MM SEGMENTS24 X 8.0 / 7.4 X 15MM80PCS/set
    1600MM SEGMENTS24 X 9.0 /8.4 X15MM108PCS/set
    1800MM SEGMENTS24 X 9.8 / 9.2 X15MM120PCS/set
    2000MM SEGMENTS24 X 10.6/ 9.6 X 15MM128PCS/set
    2200MM 15MM SEGMENTS24 X 11.5 / 10.5 X 15MM132PCS/set
    2200MM 20MM SEGMENTS24 X 11.5 / 10.5 X 20MM132PCS/set
    2500MM 15MM SEGMENTS24X 12.5 / 11.5 X 15MM140PCS/set
    2500MM X 20MM SEGMENTS24X 12.5 / 11.5 X 20MM140PCS/set
    2700MM X 15MM SEGMENTS24 X 12.5 / 11.5 X 15MM140PCS/set
    2700MM X 20MM SEGMENTS24 X 12.5 / 11.5 X 20MM140PCS/set

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